Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Take Action

So, you're not quite happy with the state of your closet.
But you have plans!
Perhaps you are an avid collector of style advice. You might even have every book out there on wardrobe design and wardrobe planning. You know precisely how you're going to reconfigure your closet to be organized. In fact...the next big chunk of time that comes your way will be dedicated to making it all happen.
And yet...

It doesn't.

You open those closet doors and...whammo...instant overwhelm. You think maybe I shouldn't start just yet...maybe I don't really have enough time...I really should think about this some more.

Is this you?

How is it possible to want change so badly and yet never take action?

Here's the truth: If we think something is too far out of our reach, we will have a tendency to abandon the project. And organizing an entire wardrobe from start to finish is an enormous task.

Even though many wardrobe plans give step-by-step instructions for paring down and organizing, as long as we think of the job ahead of us as ONE giant task, it feels nearly impossible to procede. We become overwhelmed by the distance from here to there, forgetting that building a wardrobe is a multi-step process that will most likely not happen in one fell swoop.

To combat this overwhelm paralysis, keep in mind:

As long as you are taking steps in the direction you want to go, change will happen. If all you are doing is waiting for the perfect time to begin, you'll stay right where you are right now. In the grand scheme of things, isn't it better to be moving towards your matter how slowly...than not moving at all?

Decide today to take action. Make something happen, even if it's small. And then do it again the next day. And the next. Before long, you will have accomplished enough to feel empowered. And then there will be nothing stopping you from reaching your goal!

See you next time...same blog time...same blog channel....

(For more information on wardrobe planning, or to sign up for my free e-zine, please visit my wardrobe planning website.)


Susan said...

Hah! Easy to say ... I'm STILL working on my closet from 3 months ago. I get sidetracked a lot thinking about whether or not I should keep the one size up and one size down stuff. I have gotten the shelves and dresser done though, so there's hope.

michaelRoth said...

Hi Jen, your advice applies regardless of venue. Thanks

Darryl Pace said...

Encouraging, motivating post. Thanks, Jennifer!

Darryl Pace

RobFromGa said...

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Make yourself remove one item that you'll never wear again every day. Keep a bag handy to throw it in, when the bag is full, take it to Goodwill. Repeat...

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Lisa M. McLellan said...

I really need to do my daughter's closet. There can't be more than 2 things in there that still fit her!

John Ho - Melbourne, Australia said...

Mini (multiple) steps is the way to go! Great advice!

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Lena Milukh said...

I need to look at mine and make some cleaning up.Besides X-mas is coming.It would be nice to give smth for charity and buy few new things.
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JohnWShoemaker said...

When I run out of space...I just dump then.

Intuitive John

Scott said...

very sage advice resident wardrobe expert. Thanks Jenn

Scott Bell

The Road Warrior

Cindy Eyanson said...

I am with ya. My closet has too much stuff in it. Needs to be cleaned out and taken to charity...

Nice post Jenn!

Cindy Eyanson Online

Anonymous said...

Instead of weeding out, I cleared a section of my closet to start putting together outfits that are "homeruns" - stuff that I can still wear and feel great in. I'm trying to build the small wardrobe you detailed on your web page and I'm over half-way there.

Seeing stuff that I can actually wear has inspired me to start tossing the duds. It's also helping to see what the missing pieces are that I need to purchase.

Thanks for your blog - it's motivating and it's working for me.

DIYlawyer said...

I wait for my closet to throw up before taking action.

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Jennifer Skinner said...

leanandgreen- Congratulations on those "homeruns". It feels really good doesn't it? :-)

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Now that I am HOME

1. Laundry Imperative
2. Declutter at least 3 bags of clothes over to the Goodwill.


All the best,

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