Monday, November 17, 2008

Exit the Bling

A few days ago, I mentioned the Wall Street Journal article that discussed how the very wealthy are turning away from conspicuous consumption. Now the New York Times joins in with an article by Alex Williams titled, In Hard Times, No More Fancy Pants. The theme is the same, the tone somewhat less sarcastic.

My favorite quote from the piece is this:

WHILE fashion is always headed in three directions, consumers are turning away from disposable style — the overdesigned “it” handbag, for example — toward high-quality pieces that will endure over multiple seasons, said David Wolfe, creative director of the Doneger Group, which forecasts fashion and retail trends.

And then there is this:

Julien Tornare, the United States president of the Swiss luxury watchmaker Vacheron Constantin, predicted that his industry would move toward a period of “subtle luxury.”
“I think people are going to go with more conservative, not ostentatious — something more discreet that only the connoisseur would know and appreciate, not the bling bling,” he said.

The really great news for everyone is that if "high-quality pieces that will endure over multiple seasons" and "conservative, not ostentatious" are fashion and retail trends at the luxury level, we can expect a trickle-down of this trend through all strata of the retail market. Or at least we can hope!

Having a Very Small Closet has always been the "secret" to having a chic and functional wardrobe. But in a society focused on consumerism and "more is better", the method seems quite counter-intuitive.

Now with renewed interest in downsizing and frugality, we of the small closets just may find ourselves going with the grain, rather than against. And we will be doing it oh-so-stylishly.

See you next time...same blog time...same blog channel....

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Lisa M. McLellan said...

It sounds like their all on your side now Jenn! I like this idea much better that the bling that you wear a couple of times then fling!

Matthew Shields said...

Hi , Jenn
It would appear that your in a very timely niche right now. Two stories in the wall street journal with in a few days…
Happy Trails
Matthew Shields
Energy Expert
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Darryl Pace said...

Frugality rules!!!

Darryl Pace

Scott said...

It seems that my frugality may now be in fashion!

Scott A Bell

The Road Warrior

S Chambers said...

The classics will always be classic. Some style never goes away.

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RobFromGa said...

Probably a lot of Bling for sale on eBay and Craig's List at the moment...

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Lena Milukh said...

It seems like little is more. It is really more up to person's creativity to look good. Having few clothes can always look beautiful. And some people will put everything the wrong way no metter how many clothes they have.
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Craig Ernst said...

Hey Jenn,

Isn't it amazing that by focusing on quality and style, instead of names and flash, you'd find yourself out in front of a trend?

Or maybe a smart lady like you just suspected this all along? ;-)


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