Friday, November 7, 2008

The Seasonal Statement Piece

A very classic and chic wardrobe that focuses on well-made, quality clothes in mostly base neutral colors is an absolute perfect canvas for a really smart style strategy: the seasonal statement piece.

A seasonal statement piece would be that article of clothing that is just so dramatic, eye-catching, colorful, or fashion-forward that it would never work in a regular wardrobe because it is too memorable.

But the fact that it is so memorable is exactly what makes it so very fabulous in the very pared down closet. It becomes your defining style piece for the duration of the season. And just when you've tired of it, the season is over, and you may happily pass it on to its next happy owner.

This can also be a great strategy for those who are really budget conscious. If the majority of your wardrobe is built from basics that you've assembled very frugally, the seasonal statement piece can be the one article that you devote a little more money to. As long as the rest of your wardrobe fits exceptionally well and is in good repair, this one piece will create the illusion that the your entire wardrobe is equally as posh or expensive.

This strategy is also wonderful for those who want to avoid appearing trendy and yet would like to look current. Your statement piece can be the one thing in your wardrobe that is a little trendier than all the rest. By itself, the fashionable item says that you are aware of current trends, and know how to wisely choose from amongst them all. Using this strategy you will be able to achieve the balance between understated and fashion-forward that you are striving for.

What items make for good statement pieces?

Jackets, coats, shoes, scarves, and jewelry tend to make the best pieces, because you can wear them with the majority of your wardrobe. But if you are bold, why not go for an amazing skirt or fantastic sweater. It's up to you how you envision your statement piece fitting in your wardrobe. Just remember that the idea is to call attention to the piece and to wear it often throughout the season.

See you next time...same blog time...same blog channel....

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RobFromGa said...

It's always great when Spring arrives and I can get out my light blue tie-dyed leisure suit… it always makes such a statement...

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Romance Coach, Online Dating Coach said...


something I learned from my mother, the really POLISHED professional business women who looked like WOMEN in the days of the 80s when there seemed to be only Brooks Brothers for women (no princess seaming, sigh) and THE Style Elan of the world - French women!

When I was in Paris, I bought SEVERAL and still have them.

Style CLASSICS and fabulous.

of course, having a fun rhinestone Christmas pin is also within my goofy realm. but I also believe in retaining some humor in my elements of style. :D

All the best,

April Braswell

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Darryl Pace said...

Rob's comment reminds me of an orange plaid matching jacket and pants I had when I was in grade school. That was my signature outfit. I'd throw on my platform shoes, and I was ready for the world!

Darryl Pace

michael said...

Jen, I enjoy your posts, thanks

Cindy Eyanson said...

I always learn from your posts... make me think!

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Lena Milukh said...

When I'm uncertain what to wear at some occasion,I always go for classic look. You never loose with that one.
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John Ho - Melbourne, Australia said...

Good advice:

> Jackets, coats, shoes, scarves, and jewelry tend to make the best pieces, because you can wear them with the majority of your wardrobe

Still remember your previous post about "cost per wear". So I'm still using as a poking point (correct expression?) that my wife only wore a nicely tailored jacket for only 3 times or so before it's too small for her.

Well, it only costed A$350 about 20 years ago. And it's already a SALE price (25%- 50% off I think).

Sigh woman ... I think I know why.

John Ho

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Matthew Shields said...

Hi , Jenn
Yes it is very easy to match up neutrals when looking through the closet.
Happy Trails
Matthew Shields
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David J Parnell said...

Fascinating! Jen, you are clearly an expert in your field.

David J. Parnell | Communication Expert
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JohnWShoemaker said...

My wardrobe isn't small. But the amount of money I spend on it is very small because I've learned smart places to buy.

Intuitive John

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Sabrina Peterson said...

Great advice. I would like to look current. I should start looking for a statement piece. What would you recommend?

Scott said...

Can't say that I have any signature pieces but I do have a couple favorite ball caps that my wife absolutely hates.

Scott Bell

The Road Warrior

Lisa M. McLellan said...

I don't have a seasonal statement piece, but now I think I'll look for one!
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