Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Smallest Closet I Ever Owned

Back when I first began this blog, I related the tale of how my year in Sweden as an exchange student started me off on my journey to a stylish and very small closet. But this year in Sweden was only the beginning. I learned a lot that year abroad, but I certainly did not return to the US as a maven of wardrobe wisdom. Far from it!

There was yet another formative experience that would contribute to my simplified closet...

When I was around ten or so, I stumbled across a book in the library on the Appalachian Trail. I was enthralled by the tale of traversing the eastern seaboard in one long adventure. Curiosity aroused, I began to read anything and everything I could on this experience called "thru-hiking". How magical, I thought, to spend six months in the wilderness with only a pack on your back and the trail underfoot. High mountain summits, pristine mountain streams, wildlife galore. I was hooked. I wanted to hike those 2000 plus miles from Georgia to Maine, too!

It took sixteen years, but I finally did start that thru-hike.

And on that journey I had the smallest closet I've ever owned: a 5200 cu, 5.5 lb Dana Designs Terraplane backpack. A few years earlier I had been flummoxed by two suitcases. Now I had but one: for not just clothes, but everything I would need to survive for days at a time.

I learned quite a bit about wardrobe planning from that experience!

Next time I'll share just how I designed my completely pared-down backpacking wardrobe. It might not have been stylish...but it sure was functional!

See you then...same blog time...same blog channel....

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Darryl Pace said...

I look forward to hearing more about how you planned that smallest of closets.

Darryl Pace

Susan said...

You've had a lot of interesting experiences! I've gotten better over the years, but I still take too much along.

S Chambers said...

So did you hike the entire trail? I have always wanted to do that but never prioritized the time.

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Lisa M. McLellan said...

I couldn't do it Jenn. You are an amazing woman! How did you fit 12 pairs of shoes in there?!!!
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Romance Coach, Online Dating Coach said...

the iddy biddy closet!

All the best,

April Braswell

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Matthew Shields said...

Hi , Jenn
That tis a small closet
Happy Trails
Matthew Shields
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Philip Graves said...

I find that any time you know you have to actually carry (as opposed to drag or roll) your luggage it can really focus the mind!

Philip Graves

anamarie said...

can't imagine a backpack as a closet.. even as a small and tiny one.. until now

RobFromGa said...

Looking for to hearing about the trail…
Seize the Day,
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Scott said...

Now that is a small closet.


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Lena Milukh said...

That's a really small closet.
Did you enjoy the trail?
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JohnWShoemaker said...

I never thought of a backpack as a "closet". You have a unique way of changing perspectives!

Intuitive John

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Romance Coach, Online Dating Coach said...

the trail sounds utterly wonderful!

All the best,

April Braswell

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