Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Partial" Response to the Challenge

In order to come up with a suitable response to the recent challenge, I went to visit the largest "consignment store" on the planet (otherwise known as Ebay) to do a little investigation.

Into the seach box I typed black wool pants. And 1457 search results appeared.

After just a short time, I had found a number of possible candidates:

J. Crew Ladies Black Dress Pants - Starting bid $4.99

$245 Anne Klein Black Wool Dress Pants - Starting bid $34.99/Buy it now price $49.99

PRADA Black Classic Wool Slacks - Starting bid $49.00

There were tons of options for Ralph Lauren, Talbots, Oscar de la Renta, Tahari and many, many more.

So why am I calling this a partial answer to the challenge? Because I am not endorsing any of these finds, only highlighting their availability. They *might* fit the bill - and they might not. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it can never take the place of actually handling a garment. And to truly assess quality, you have to FEEL the garment and examine the construction up close and personal.

Another reason why this is only a partial response is that everyone is at different stages of "upgrading" the contents of their wardrobes. If your wardrobe to date has been built on the offerings of Wal-Mart, buying an article from J.Crew is going to seem like an upgrade. If your wardrobe has come from Talbots and Brooks Brothers, then Anne Fontaine and Ralph Lauren are going to seem like a big step up. The idea is that every time you replace an item in your wardrobe you aim to "upgrade"...maybe just a little, maybe a lot. But according to your means.
The above selections may or may not be quality "upgrades" for you, depending on where you are personally in your wardrobe planning process.

In a future article I'll discuss the Q-P-A Matrix (Quality-Price-Art), which brings all of this into much clearer focus.

Tomorrow I'll talk about the pros and cons of using Ebay for building your wardrobe.

See you then...same blog time...same blog channel....

(For more information on wardrobe planning, or to sign up for my free e-zine, please visit my wardrobe planning website.)


Darryl Pace said...


Very good information. It is very interesting to learn how you put together a quality wardrobe.

Darryl Pace

matthew shields said...

Hi , Jenn
I actually dated a woman who had “stupid” expensive outfits. I was with her when she spent 1200 on a top and skirt. I figured hey if you have the money and that’s what you want to spend it on then more power to you. I came to find out that she didn’t have the money so when she needed a fix she had a friend of hers take a picture of her in the outfit and post it on Ebay. She would usually get about 40% of what she paid for them that way. So you are right quality can be found on ebay just depends what you are looking for.
Happy Trails
Matthew Shields
Energy Expert
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Susan said...

I can't imagine buying clothes off ebay ... probably because I am fussy and not easy to fit (at the moment) plus I MUST feel the garment. Although that 'feel' thing gets me in trouble ... the hands like the texture and drape of the most expensive items best.

Anamarie said...

Am with Susan. I like feeling the fabric and the fit of clothes


Romance Coach, Online Dating Coach said...

Fabulous post, Jenn. however, the lady's question I thought was not your primary focus.

Like, hello, she can't do her own google search?

and there are so many discount places, especially around the NY area, the garment district, etc. Go there.

What to look for?
How to SPOT quality and train your eye?
other innnnnnetersting wardrobe wisdom, THAT is YOUR focus.

Not Wardrobe Bargain Hunter.


All the best,

April Braswell

Online Dating Expert, Romantic Relationship Coach, Romance Coaching

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Scott said...

I think eBay is a good place to start, but I can understand why people are reluctant to buy without seeing, touching and trying on a clothing item

Scott A Bell


Jennifer Skinner said...

Yes...bargain hunting is not my focus. Which is why I've been reluctant to do postings of this sort. However, I figured I'd be game enough this go round...at least "partially". ;-)

Yes! That is how a lot of great stuff ends up on Ebay. But so does a lot of junk, too. Have to be careful.

Susan, Anamarie and Scott- You guys!!! ;-) You're so right, which is why I'm followng up this post with one on the pros and cons of Ebay. Not being able to handle the clothes is definitely a con.


RobFromGa said...


There are some clothing items that are more "commodity" than others. For example if I want one of those North Face jackets in a particular size and name, then I would be happy to buy it on Ebay for $65 instead of the regular $160 assuming the pictures show it as like new.

Other things I would need to see.

Seize the Day,
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Craig Ernst said...

Hey Jenn,

I look forward to your post on shopping for clothes on eBay. Clothes are probably one of the only only common items that I *haven't* bought on eBay. I literally make about 90% of my retail (non-food) purchases online, but have always shied away from buying clothes for all the reasons mentioned.


John Ho - Melbourne, Australia said...

See you then...same blog time...same blog channel....

Ah, that familiar phrase. I like it!

Don't know why photos always present the same item, be it clothing or properties.

John Ho
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Lisa M. McLellan said...

And if you're like me and half your wardrobe is hand-me-downs from your best friend, then buying anything will feel like an upgrade!

Cindy Eyanson said...

Wonder if they have my size...
I never thought to go to ebay!
Great post.

Cindy Eyanson Online

Lena Milukh said...

I also enjoy real shopping withh choosing between shops and items in each of them,trying things on, see if my close approve or not. This is one of the most pleasant moments that internet can't substitute.
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DIYlawyer said...

For clothes, I like to be see and feel

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S Chambers said...

Hey, using eBay is cheating! :-) Sort of anyway.

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JohnWShoemaker said...

I could never buy clothes on Ebay...I would miss the fit...seeing it on me. the textures against the skin...all important to me.

Keep up the great posts!

Intuitive John Shoemaker



David J Parnell said...

There is a lot of legalese in your verbiage... You don't want to take a hard stand on this one... Your options look great though.

David J. Parnell | Communication Expert
The Communication Expert Blog

ChristineB said...

I'm with RobfromGA -- there are tons of things on eBay (my AK boots are a good example) that I've seen in stores, noted the style numbers/names of and found for a fraction of the original retail price there. Handbags, accessories and shoes are items that are easy to find for less online.

Oh, and bras, too...I found my favorite Freya bra online (NWT) for less than $30 (I paid $91 for one at a high-end lingerie shop in Boston). Again, if you know exactly what you are after, eBay has some amazing deals.