Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wardrobe Planning

Over the past weeks I've posted on any number of topics related to clothing and style. But one thing I haven't yet done is talk about the difference between style development and wardrobe planning.

Style development is what most image consultants focus on. It encompasses figuring out your personal style expression and also learning what colors and silhouettes look the best on you. It covers knowing what hairstyles and makeup will complement you the most. Developing your style takes time and a great deal of insight into who you are and how you want to present yourself.

But even if you have an amazing sense of style, it still doesn't mean that you will look good day-to-day. You need to take the next step --wardrobe planning -- to build that fantasic wardrobe that will showcase that amazing style of yours.

So, what is wardrobe planning, exactly? It is:

1. Strategically translating your style to your closet.

2. Ensuring that all the garments in your wardrobe are ready to wear and are in rotation to be worn at some point this season.

3. Planning out all the elements of an outfit in advance so that you never have to wonder whether one article of clothing looks good with another.

4. Reviewing your wardrobe each season to decide what will stay and what will get replaced so that your wardrobe remains up-to-date.

5. Caring for your clothing so that everything stays in the best possible shape for the longest time possible.

6.Being aware of current trends so you can decide if and how you wish to incorporate them into your existing wardrobe.

7. Continuing to make sure that the image you present to the world is consonant with who you are and where you are going.

8. Dedicating yourself to improving the quality of your wardrobe over time.

While I think that style development is tons of fun, I think that developing a wardrobe plan is even more exciting. I'm a systems kind of person, and wardrobe planning is all about putting in place a working system.

Next time I'll discuss common misconceptions about quality clothing. See you then...same blog time...same blog channel....


drpeter said...

good info

Dr Helton, making your skin beautiful without surgery, nationally renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist

Susan said...

Very interesting post. When is all this stuff going to be in an ebook so I can download and print it all together?

Aaron said...

I'd second Susan's comment, and would suggest on for women and another one for men. Take some pics to help folks out too, and I think it would be a hit!


Matthew Shields said...

I am realizing that planning a wardrobe is alot more work then I expected. yes get those e-books out it will be great.
Focus Your Energy
Matthew Shields

Lisa M. McLellan said...

Jenn, I keep expecting to see my picture posted on your blog as the "Fashion Don't!" LOL This stuff is sooooo foreign to me. thanks for all the info.

Slenzo said...

I never realized how important color was, Jennifer. My new picture from Philly is in Navy and Blue and before I almost always wore black and white. You cannot believe the amount of positive feedback I have gotten from my picture!! And most of it centers about the color of the clothes!
I think we don't realize how aging, etc center colors can make us, and how important someone like "you" can be to our image!!!!
Sonya Lenzo
The Business Insurance Expert

Yann Vernier said...

Wow, I never realized there was so much to think about. I second Aaron's idea - an ebook for men, and an ebook for women would be of great appeal.

All the best,
Yann Vernier - Personal Coach

S Chambers said...

Well there's your e-book idea Jenn.

That's what I'm talking about.

Steve Chambers

April Braswell said...

Jennifer, this is an absolutely FANTASTIC summary post.

And will make for excellent public speaking presentations for you to small business owners....

All the best,

April Braswell - Online Dating Coach, Romance Coach