Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Three Basic Elements of Wardrobe Planning

There are three basic elements that come into play when planning a functional wardrobe:

1) How you wish to present yourself

2)What is really in your closet

3) What you actually wear

In a fully functional wardrobe, all three of these things are the same. In most people's closets, these three things are separated by a large gulf. Let me explain.

Most people carry around in their mind a picture of how they would like to present themselves to the world. The picture may be very specific or it may be very vague. It may be realistic or not. This is your imagined style persona.

Then there are the clothes in your closet. Sometimes the clothes will match up with the style persona. But often they will not. Or the clothes in your closet could outfit ten different personas at one time.

And then there are the clothes that you actually wear. I tell all my clients, "You wear what you wear." Bottom line. You put on the clothes that you feel most comfortable in, regardless of what else is in your closet and regardless of your imagined stye persona. Whenever something goes onto your body, you have, at some level, made the choice to wear it.

A classic example of dissonance between the elements is the jeans-and-t-shirt gal with a closetful of flowery skirts and blazers who imagines she would like to be seen as a classic, tailored professional.

So how do you bring all these elements into harmony? That is what I will
share tomorrow. See you then...same blog time...same blog channel...

Jennifer Skinner, Wardrobe Planning Expert


Matthew Shields said...

You are really starting to make me think of my own style in a different way then I have before in the past. This is fun
focus your energy
Matthew Shields

Yann Vernier said...

Aren't we all guilty of this? Buying clothes that suit our imaginary persona that we never wear.
Last year, I unconsonciously worked on harmonizing the 3 elements you mention... and ended up giving about 2/3 of my clothes to charity - scary I had so much stuff I only put on once!

Great reality check.

Yann Vernier - Success Coach

Lisa M. McLellan said...

I don't know Jenn, I think I really am several different people, because I do wear completely different styles for different reasons. The problem with my closet is a have about 8 gowns that I'll never wear again. I bought a new one every year for my husband's Christmas parties at work. Then I have a few suits that I did wear quite a bit but that I'll never wear again because they're out of style now. I can't throw them away because I keep thinking what if I get stuck and I have to wear one. They're out of style but at least I'd have something. Same sort of thing with the slacks and blouses in there. I think I really need help (and a pile of money to buy some new clothes)!

April Braswell said...

Oh NO!

2)What is really in your closet

do we have to tell the truth there?

It's like the mystery area.


All the best,

Romance Coach, Online Personals Coach, Online Dating Coach, Romantic Relationship Coach

Aaron said...

Ok, Jenn, you've covered the info for the workplace. How do you apply this to just being out and about in the world? If I want to convey a comfortable, confident image, how do I bring my evening/weekend wardrobe into harmony with my work stuff?


Slenzo said...

You are SO right!! And then add in the clothes that are 5 different sizes and the ones we bought for the last 3 different boyfriends, etc etc...It's no wonder we never have anything to wear!!!
Sonya Lenzo

Slenzo said...

Jen, So True! When can you come and fix my disaster closet!!! It has 5 sizes and I have nothing to wear!!
Sonya Lenzo

Kevin Hogan said...

i never knew there was this much to know!

Susan said...

Have you been peeking in my closet Jenn? You are absolutely correct, my style is still vague and I have a lot of personas in my closet. More baby steps to work on ...

drpeter said...

You are right, I have some really hip shirts that I would only feel comfortable in when in vegas.

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