Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Question and Answer, Part Two

Last week I answered some of the questions that the ladies had asked. Today I will tackle some questions from the fellas.

First up, Matt asks, "I would like your take on the same color shirt and tie. I've seen many do this, but I've always liked a contrast. What is more fashionable today?"
Jennifer responds: Matt, wearing the same color shirt and tie has been done for decades. It's a stylish option for looking very pulled together. However, contrasts are equally as good. Lately there has been a move towards mixing differently patterned shirts and ties...this might be more for the daring or edgy dresser, though.

Next, Yann asks: "Do you have any tips on choosing the colors that look good on us?"
Jennifer responds: There are many complicated methods for identifying the colors that will look good on you, but here are three quick and easy shortcuts for finding some of them. The first is to repeat the colors that are already in your personal coloring...your hair, your eyes, your skin. If the color is already a part of you, you can't go wrong! The second is to wear the colors that are the complements of your eyes, your hair, and your skin. Complementary colors are those that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. For example, brown eyes would look good with blues and greens. The third is to pay attention to the level of contrast between the colors of your eyes, skin, and hair. If you have high-contrast, you can wear colors that are stronger. Low-contrast requires colors that are more muted.

And Aaron asks: "With men's clothes, fashions don't seem to change much. Is there anything I really need to keep up on?"
Jennifer responds: You are correct about men's fashions being slow to change. Generally speaking, it takes a lot longer for styles to shift in the men's department. Things to keep an eye on include silhouette and shape: the width of ties, the width of lapels, the length of jackets, and the roominess of the pant. Certain colors come into vogue, as well (think the rise of !pink!), as do certain patterns (think wide stripe rugbys). And every so often a fad comes bursting on the scene...remember Miami Vice? ;-) Assuming that you are not a male fashionista, you'll be fine just keeping your eye on the above mentioned points.

Lastly, David McMillen asks: "How does the need to change one's attire due to seasonal/weather change play into this? Should I start again from scratch when the time of year and temperatures change dramatically?"
Jennifer responds: I do advocate changing out your wardrobe with the seasons. Granted, a portion of what you wear is seasonless, and can be worn throughout the year. Jeans are a good example. But much of what we wear should be packed away at the end of a season. Some fabrics and colors are just much better suited to a specific time of the year. Heavy wool doesn't belong in summer, nor does light Irish linen belong in the winter. Changing out your wardrobe seasonally also gives you the oportunity to weed out the garments that no longer suit you, and to figure out what new items you will need to complete your wardrobe.

I'll be doing another Q & A next week, so do ask the questions! As for tomorrow, I'll share a bit about the virtues of having a style icon. See you then...same blog time...same blog channel....

Jennifer Skinner, Wardrobe Planning Expert


Lisa M. McLellan said...

Hey Jenn,

I didn't realize you were giving personal wardrobe consultations!!! I'm getting in line!

Brent Skinner said...

Hi -- just your husband here. I have a question about white socks. My feeling is that a man should only wear them with sneakers, and even then, maybe only with blue jeans (and not black jeans, for instance). I'm asking because I ran into that very dilemma earlier today. Any thoughts?

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Scott Bel said...

more great information. Actually I'm very thankful men's fashion changes slowly and not very often.
Scott A. Bell

Aaron said...

Hi Jenn,

Thanks for the answer to my questions, that's the kind of very subtle thing that I wouldn't have picked up on before.


Susan said...

Very thorough answers for the guys, Jenn. And, I can use them when working with my husband's wardrobe. I've been to the Carlisle site ... the fashions look wonderful!

Matthew Shields said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me
focus your energy
Matthew Shields

JW said...

Jenn, Thanks so much. Common sense "stuff", but who knew?


S Chambers said...

One of the reasons I like living at the beach is that, for the most part, beach styles never change.

Shorts and a t-shirt with flip-flops. Flip flops don't last so you are always updating your shoes. Be sure the t-shirt is trendy, (easy to find with a google search). Update your swim trunks every year.

Of course I do have to dress for business every now and then.

Steve Chambers

Sheridan Randolph said...

Q&A is fun stuff. Very helpful wardrobe tips.


Tim Birch said...

Darn! I was just working my way to to shoes! I tell the recruiters it costs extra if I can't wear shorts. It is hot here, no really hot! Like melting.

Love the advice.

Fashnista vs Fashion Nazi?

'TimBirch –Can it be better?

April Braswell said...

These are SO good Jennifer.

I'll definitely have to cite this excellent advise over in my MEN's Section of my website!

All the best,

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drpeter said...

To avoid being to "matchy matchy" I try not to match more than 2 items that I am wearing.

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