Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Story of Your Closet

The clothes that live in your closet tell a story.

You bought them, or they were gifted to you -- for a reason.

Maybe you wore them, maybe you didn't -- and that is a story in itself.

Some of these clothes get worn a lot-- some used to be worn a lot, but are no longer.

If you were to invite someone into your home, and invite them to see the contents of your closet, I am sure you would feel compelled to tell the story of the items hanging there (or not hanging...perhaps they are on the floor!). We'd need to explain how this blazer was the best purchase we ever made, or that dress was bought for a party we never went to, or how that suit is VERY expensive but we need to lose five more pounds to wear it. Oh, and over here, here are the clothes that dear Aunt Beatrice gifted you (aren't they lovely --vintage!!-- no, they don't fit...). And this is my FAVORITE.... Etcetera.

Imagine for a moment that you aren't standing there to tell the story. What if someone had to look at your closet and determine who you are from what is hanging there? Would they be able to?

The clothes in our closet are an extension of ourselves and our personalities. Because of this, there are many emotions tied to what's hanging on those hangers in that small/medium/large space behind those doors. WE know the story. OTHER people don't.

Without any blame, go through the contents of your closet. What in there is an accurate reflection of where you are today, right now? Isolate those clothes from the rest. You don't have to get rid of anything just now...just look at what you can pull from the closet that our imaginary visitor could look at and say...oh, yes, I have an idea who this person is.

Mull it over a while. You might be surprised at what you discover.

Jennifer Skinner, Wardrobe Planning Expert


S Chambers said...


Most of my clothes have no story in regards to there origination, although some have stories attached to them from experience.

I used to have this jacket that was very stylish in the 1980's. Everywhere I would go people would compliment me on it. Needless to say I loved that jacket.

I ended up keeping it long after it had gone out of fashion for a couple reasons. One, it was evidence that I could and did make a good choice in picking out clothes. Two, there were a lot of pleasant memories attached to it.

Still, at some point it was old and dated me, so away it went.

Steve Chambers

Aaron said...

I think I keep a ton of extra clothes, mostly because I'm lazy with clearing them out. I have a ton of t-shirts, and I could easily get rid of most of them. My wife, though, has story for every stitch and thread!


Kevin Hogan said...

Is there some kind of mental disorder attached to a closet stuffed with close from 15 years ago, that I've not worn? (and I've moved in the interim)


Kevin Hogan

Matthew Shields said...

I feel you a leading us in baby steps to getting ride of our most prize posetions that we never ware.
I'm guilty of this but then what would we use a walk in closet for?
Focus Your Energy
Matthew Shields

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