Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Young and the Clueless

I'll admit it. As a young person, I was clueless about style. It wasn't until my late teens and early twenties that I even began to develop anything remotely like a personal style. Now it wasn't that I couldn't recognize style when I saw it...I certainly knew who the stylish girls were in school. And I was envious of how they always looked so trendy and well put-together. But I had no clue about HOW they did it. And I began to fall into the terrible trap of believing (along with everyone else) that the MORE clothing you had, the MORE stylish you would be. Probably because my family really couldn't afford to spend all that much on clothes, while I just "knew" that these trendy girls could. And so I began to accumulate. Little by little, over time. All the time thinking that eventually I would find just the right outfit to miraculously confer upon myself that mystical state of STYLISH.

Ummmm...I was wrong. But it would take me years to figure that out. And in the meantime, my wardrobe developed into a schizophrenic mess of odds and ends that looked absolutely amazing on the dummies in the store, but looked...well, not equally amazing on me.

However my style misadventures really came to head my Junior Year in high school...the year I spent abroad in Sweden. Looking back, it was SO bad that it was comical. Come back tomorrow, and I'll let you know why...same blog time, same blog channel...

(And if you can't wait that long, pop on over to my website for more information on style and wardrobe planning.)


Scott said...

What is style? If it wasn't for my wife I wouldn't have a clue or a prayer. When I was in high school, in a small town in Michigan my wardrobe was a pair of high top converse, a pair of my dad's beat up (but very comfortable) work boots I saved from going to the dump, Levi's, a T-shirt and in the winter a flannel or denim shirt worn unbuttoned over the t-shirt. Today, a suit and tie 5 days a week. Oh for the good old days. So you traveled to Sweden, I am sure it was an interesting experience. Perhaps you would like to write an article for my travel web site. People may be interested in your experience as the look for discount airline tickets, last minute travel packages or a luxury cruise. Take a look at The Road Warrior: Discount airfare, last minute travel and cool travel info

April Braswell said...

Hi Jenn,

ooo! Sweden, style and travel! looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.

When my Romantic Relationship clients ask me, "what about all those dates I go on that go nowhere? Or what about if I meet someone who is just really weird?"

I tell them, "Sweetheart, that is THE POINT about going out on a LOT of dates. Each single ONE is less loaded that way, AND you get some great tales for Cocktail fodder for later!" So, keep a sense of adventure to it, as well a sense of humor!


April Braswell

Paul said...

Hi Jennifer, I am looking forward to hearing about the adventures. Having been to Sweden many times, I am sure you found some interesting things for your style collection.


Aaron said...

Hi Jennifer,

Very interesting blog! It seems like a lot of people need help finding their style these days. With all those fashion shows on TV (What Not to Wear During a Fashion Emergency When You're Naked with Timm Gunn),I think you're blog will have a lot of interested readers. I'm in Scott's boat, I need my wife to help pick out things that look good. What are some basic recommendations for guys? I'd like my clothes to communicate something professional, but we're a fairly business casual office.


S Chambers said...

It took me a long time to learn two apparently secret facts to building a small and effective wardrobe.

1) Always buy matched sets. When you get a shirt, get some matching pants, and vice versa. Helps you avoid having random items that just sit in your closet for years.

2) Learn the secret of mix and match, so you can get maximum impact from limited items.

Oh, and I always buy the clothes on the dummy.

Yann Vernier said...

Hi Jenn

I can't wait to read more about your "style misadventures".

And most importantly any advice on how to avoid replicating them!!

All the best,

Yann Vernier Success Coaching