Monday, April 21, 2008

What Have They Got That I Haven't Got?

The longer I stayed in Sweden the more apparent it became. There was a certain element of style the Swedish had that Americans had long ago abandoned. What was it? I'll tell you in just a moment.

But first, let me recap the lessons that I had thus far so painfully learned:

#1) Style is not about owning a large quantity of clothes.

#2) Style is not about wearing all the latest fads.

#3) You can't throw a suitcase/closetful of mis-matched clothes together and expect an outfit to appear like magic. Well...I suppose it is possible...chimps typing on typewriters will eventually produce a line of Shakespeare...but you get my point.

#4) There is a difference between truly having style and merely being "in style".

And now back to our regularly scheduled program:
Ok, so here's what I began to notice. The Swedish girls DID NOT own large amounts of clothes. In fact, they owned a relatively small amount. They were also really picky about what they chose to wear. They wore each article of clothing often, but never when it was dirty or wrinkled. By the years' end I knew the contents of most of my classmates' closets by heart...or if not by heart, I recognized most of what they wore. They knew the secret to managing a stylish wardrobe was... less is more. This is such an important point that I will just have to elaborate upon it at a later date.

Tomorrow, however, I'd like to answer questions that have been addressed to me both here and elsewhere. If you have a question, please ask, and I'll try to respond. I'll see you tomorrow.

(Or if you can't wait that long, please visit my website on wardrobe planning for more information.)


JW said...

Hey Jenn, great insight. Better for the pocket book as well. I remember when the ex showed up at my softball game with a new outfit head to toe. She said the warm up suit was free but the Tenni's were $300!!! The ex, enough said! JK


S Chambers said...

I like the way you are teaching through narrative. Easy to tell you're a teacher. I can relate to what you are selling because I've been there. I am looking forward to your next post.

S Chambers said...


My last comment didn't post and you got a repeat comment. I wanted to tell you that this is a great post. I was told long ago that I should buy fewer amounts of quality clothes that would mix and match rather than a large quantity of cheaper clothes.

I am still learning how to do this, but it proved to be good advice.

Steve Chambers

Tim Birch said...

Zen koan: Less is More

Quality is cheap! I like it!

I want my Grranimals back.

'TimBirch – Power to Change

April Braswell said...

Hi Jenn,

reminds me of the French with your VIVID description. Elan!

THis is indeed so important for many of my clients who are often successful business women too busy looking like BUSINESS!


April Braswell
Online Personals Coach, Online Dating Coach, Romantic Relationship Coach

Scott said...

Less is more and I am finally getting the concept of quality is cheap. Better to have a few nice things than a dresser full of Budweiser T-shirts. (My dad retired from Bud, he took the Clydesdales around the country). I figure if my wife keeps pounding that into my head it has to sink in at some point.

Scott A Bell

I am The Road Warrior

Sami Miettinen said...


Interesting point about Sweden. I just got an entertaining book by a foreigner in Sweden called "In the Secret Garden of SwEden."

Apparently Sweden is locate Southwest of Eden. A better place than East of Eden, I guess!

- Sami

Susan said...

I'm working on integrating your 'the very small closet' advice with my own 'baby steps to success' and organization. I'm wading my way (in 15 minute intervals)through one of my closets. Just yesterday, I spent 5 minutes searching for a coat to where that I know I still have, I know it's in a dry cleaner bag, I know what it looks like, but I did not find it. What I really hate (and this does happen) is when I find I've actually got two, once I had three, of the exact same item. I guess I really liked it each time I went to the store! Sad...
I look forward (as always) to your next insight.

Romance Coach, Online Dating Coach said...

Hey Jenn,

I ASK you, what HAVE they got that you haven't got, dear lady?

Fewer and better is OFTEN great advise, certainly for the pocket book.

Indeed, one of the things I recommend as an Online Dating Coach with single men and single women using the internet personals, it is a great idea to START by just going on a lot of dates.

Like trying on a lot of different clothes firs to LEARN what looks good on you, what looks GREAT on you and where you FEEL like you look YOUR best.

Which is always irresistibly attractive, great and fabulous.

All the best,

April Braswell

Online Dating Coach, Dating Expert, Relationship Coach, Romance Coaching

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