Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Questions from the Audience


Today I would like to take time to answer some questions that have come from you, my loyal readers!

First, Kevin Hogan asks: "Does it count as a small wardrobe if you have a bunch of clothes in the closet and only wear a few of them?"
Jennifer replies: It sounds like you need to do some weeding! The world only sees the clothes that you put on, not the ones "hanging" out in your closet. And if you don't wear them, the clothes have no function other than to take up space. Think of it this way: you don't really need them if you aren't wearing them in the first place. Build your wardrobe around what you DO wear. Get rid of the rest. Then you will have a small wardrobe!

And now a question from Steve Chambers: "How do I get rid of those pants I no longer fit but can't get rid of yet?"
Jennifer replies: This is a common problem for many people. I call it the problem of the "someday clothes". Someday they'll fit again, someday they'll be in style again, someday I might need them.... but someday rarely comes. Or if it does, you find that you actually don't WANT the article any longer. You lose the weight, you want NEW clothes! The style comes around again, but you're just not into it any longer. The way to separate yourself from clothing that is no longer useful is to box it up and store it away for six months to a year. Hey, go through your closet and take out ALL the stuff that doesn't really fit and do the same. If, after a year you haven't missed them, donate the box to charity straightaway...don't even open it!

And lastly, Aaron Agostini wants to know: "What are some basic recommendations for guys? I want to communicate something professional, but we have a fairly business casual office."
Jennifer replies: At the top edge of business casual, I would recommend a nice pair of dress pants and a button-down shirt. Add a pair of good leather shoes and a belt and you are good to go. Slightly more casual is to change out the dress pants for a pair of khakis. And the next step down is to trade a polo shirt for the button-down. Never, never go for jeans...even of the other guys are doing it! And watch the shoes...you don't need dress shoes per se, but stay away from anything blatantly casual. The shoes can keep an outfit looking just that one step snazzier than the next guy without being too over-dressed for dressed-down office.

Cheers, everyone! I'll be doing another Q & A next week, so do ask the questions! As for tomorrow, I'll be elaborating on The Mysterious Paradox of Choice. Come back and see why too many options actually causes stress. See you here...same blog time, same blog channel!

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April Braswell said...

Hi Jenn,

GREAT stuff, as usual.

Ah, but there is an emotional element of the WEDDING out. Indeed, I've lot a LOT of weight, and it such a PROCESS to let go of stuff.

With my work as an Romance Coach, Online Dating Coach, my clients rely upon my compassion to help them work through what is blocking them with making room for the relationship they want as well as action steps - we call them DATES! - to get there.

All the best,

April Braswell

Aaron said...

Thanks for the advice! I'll have to go shopping with my wife, she gets a lot more excited about clothes than I do.

Aaron's Blog

Scott said...

great stuff Jennifer,
weeding out the closet something I need to do again. I had a professor in college he had his doctorate degree was in psychology. He said that his wife and himself made an agreement that they would only have perhaps 10 outfits each in the closet and anytime they bought a new piece of clothing an old one had to go. And that's a great idea.
Next time I am home I'm going to set some time aside to weed out my closet again.

Scott A Bell

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lisa said...

But if I get rid of all the clothes in my closet that I don't wear, then what am I going to not wear now? There will be nothing left for me to not wear. I think I need you Jennifer.

S Chambers said...

Thank you Jenn for answering my question!!! Just today I was going through a drawer and remarked that it was time to get into those shorts I have been waiting to get back into for the psst two years.

Summer is coming, time for some new clothes.

Steve Chambers

Jennifer Skinner said...

You had me spitting out my coffee, your comment was so funny!


Susan said...

Excellent advice. It was good of you to answer everyone's questions that way. I've got a combination problem of too many and somedays. Often I do a 'closet cleanse' (I'm due for another one, but I've been trying the baby steps to success on it ... 15 minutes a day until done) and then, later, spend a lot of time looking for an item that I KNOW I have, but can't find (because I gave it away). I don't have a style per se -- I like too many. Awaiting more advice.

Yann Vernier said...

Hi Jenn,

Great to see you questions from guys!

I liked your advice to weed out the closet. Whenever I do it, it also seems to make room for new ideas in my brain. A pretty good feeling.

Thank you for your tips. I'm looking forward to your next Q&A post.

Yann Vernier - Personal Improvement & Success Coach

Romance Coach, Online Dating Coach said...

so great seeing how responsive you are to wardrobe and style questions.

As an online dating coach and dating expert, I often receive questions via email regarding how to post a great online dating profile, what are the best internet personals sites, what internet dating sites would I recommend. really, so many dating questions to address.

You are a doll to help people out like this, Jenn.

All the best,

April Braswell

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