Thursday, April 24, 2008

More on the Paradox of Choice-Adaptation

Yesterday I shared with you the idea that choosing beforehand WHEN you will make clothing purchases can be a helpful practice in managing your wardrobe. And today I will talk about the process of adaptation and how that affects how we feel about our clothing purchases after we've made them.

If you've ever been elated over the achievement of a desired goal, or excited over some good fortune, or incredibly happy to have bought something you really like--only to have that great feeling lose it's strength over time--you have experienced adaptation. Adaptation is an interesting phenomenon we all experience where the high and excitement of something new wears off and turns into mere comfort. Many times people become addicted to the good feelings they get when they have "new" experiences...and they end up no longer content with merely being content.

Whenever we buy something, we anticipate the good feelings we will gain from the purchase. That new car makes our day (or week, or even month). In terms of relationships, the new love makes us feel like we are on cloud nine.

And we forget that over time, the feelings will mellow.

The trick is to ANTICIPATE adaptation...before it occurs. Know that you are buying something because you need it or want it but that the feeling associated with the newness of it (or the feeling of "scoring" such a great find) will not last. Keep this in mind when you are passing up that great "bargain" that you don't really need but you want so very badly. Know that chances are you will not feel nearly so strongly about it in the not-too-distant future.

Come back tomorrow to learn why being a "chooser" is better than being a "picker" (and why beggars can't be either!). See you on the morrow...same blog time...same blog channel....

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Scott said...

Adaptation, great information.

Scott A Bell

April Braswell said...

Definitely, the choosing in advance really helps! Much like dating and marriage. Once we choose that we want to marry, than that filters the very people we date afterwards.

Know thyself!

April Braswell - Online Personals, Online Dating, Romance Coach

Tim Birch said...

Being at choice is the power position. The person with the most choice, lives with the least stress.

'TimBirch –Sell more or Die!

Matthew Shields said...

Adapatation Yes I've had that feeling before but never understood why or were it came from
Thank You
contractor marketing
Matthew Shields

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeniffer,
Great insight. In my experience of analysing how people buy, i have found people tend to make emoitional buying decision for logical reason. Meaning people get excited about the prospect of looking good and feeling great in an outfit which drives their buying impulse, but need to rationalise the decision,which is the logical part which is, can i afford it, will i be able to get use out of it etc.. We might buy on impulse or emotional but without the logical justification we end up feeling buyers remorse in the end.

Sales and Marketing

Kevin Hogan said...

I have a prediction. This blog will serve many. During your initial work with blogs my guess is that fewer people will stop over at blogspot because this blog isn't in your vox neighborhood which is probably how a lot of people tour around to your peers.
This is great stuff here!

Yann Vernier said...

Great advice. I usually try to ask myself "why do I want this?" before I reach for my credit card.
I'll have to try the "Anticipate adaptation" trick...

Yann Vernier - Personal Coach

drpeter said...

I always wondered why that happened.


Romance Coach, Online Dating Coach said...

Adaption in wardrobe shopping and buying. wow. I'm thinking of all of those people making Christmas Shopping List purchases and Holiday Shopping purchases. And then the post purchase reality kicks in.

Like with romantic relationships, dating, and sexual relationships.

the laundry still needs to be done
the toilet cleaned

With my work as a Dating Expert and Online Dating Coach, it's one of the things I strive to help my clients to PERCEIVE beyond the initial SURGE of sexual chemistry so indeed they CHOOSE well when they are looking for How to Get Married.

All the best,

April Braswell

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