Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tempted to Let It Slide?

Everyone has them.

Those mornings when you just don't want to face the day. Your mood is low, you're cranky, nothing seems be starting out right.

You look in your closet and, like a rebellious child, you are sorely let it slide.

It's wrinkled...but no one will notice if I wear it anyway. I forgot to launder it, but I can get away with it for one more day. Pet hair...arg! Oh well....

I'm too cranky to care, you think.

When you are feeling this way, let these words of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright inspire you not to "let it slide":

"We all know the feeling we have when we are well dressed and we enjoy the consciousness that results from it. It affects our conduct. I have always believed in being careful about my clothes, getting supremely well-dressed, because I could then forget about them."

If you make the choice to go ahead and let your low mood dictate how you will present yourself to the world that day, you will be plagued the whole day long, wondering if others really do notice the wrinkles, the pet hair, the less-than-fresh condition of your outfit. And you'll forgo the boost in mood and confidence that you could have had by knowing that you look your best. Trust me, I've been there! I've made that choice before, and have regretted it the entire day. However, when I've overruled my pouty inner child and taken the extra measures to look nice, I've been pleasantly surprised at how quickly my mood changes. As Frank Lloyd Wright says, clothing affects our conduct.

So whenever you are tempted to "let it slide", remember that you will probably regret it the moment you leave the house. Choose instead to be "supremely well-dressed" so that you can leave your wardrobe worries at home.

See you next time...same blog time...same blog channel....

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DIYlawyer said...

I try to dress for me not them.

Works most of the time.

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Anonymous said...

As an IT person who works with several geeky guys in the back of a manufacturing plant (loosely translated - to most it just wouldn't matter) I needed to hear this.

Scott Bel said...

Great post. Regardless of how I feel I make sure my clothes are pressed every morning.

Scott A Bell

The Road Warrior

Michael said...

Great post. thanks

Lena Milukh said...

I agree, there are such moody days in our life. In this case I try to wear smth neutral, that would fit almost all situations and doesn't need extra work involved(like ironing)
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Matthew Shields said...

It is amazing how what you wear dictates how you feel....great post and I'm all for not ironing either

Matthew Shields
Energy Expert

Philip Graves said...

I need to invest more time in my casual appearance.

But I need you to live closer and take me shopping! Seriously... I hate that not being sure I can trust the advice I'm getting and I love to get it all over in one go.

Any plans to move to the UK?

Philip Graves
Consumer Behavior Expert

JohnWShoemaker said...

The beginning of your post was like reading poetry...or listening to a great song?

Intuitive John

Angela Silvestri said...

Great advice. I remember the few times I didn't dress my best and regretted it.

Angela R. Silvestri
Ear Coning Maven

RobFromGa said...

This is a good thing to remember.

Frank Lloyd Wright is a big hero of mine...

I have been to many of his buildings since I was a teenager and I love his Oak Park house and studio - highly recommended for anyone when they are in Chicago- spend a half day in Oak Park seeing the Studio and there is a one-or two hour walking tour with many FLW houses right nearby.

Great stuff …
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David J Parnell said...

This is inspirational... It takes quite a bit of energy to "do the right thing" when you are down.

David J. Parnell | Communication Expert
The Communication Expert Blog

Lisa M. McLellan said...

I haven't used an iron in so long. Sometimes I go out wrinkled, and yes, I regret it every time. Sometimes I throw the article of clothing back in the dryer for a few minutes and "presto" the wrinkles are gone. Of course Matt would have my head if he heard that, what a waste of electricity!
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JohnWShoemaker said...

Even when I'm tired...picking out clothes isn't to hard a task for me.

Intuitive John

Romance Coach, Online Dating Coach said...

ooo, and our appearance is SO important, especially for a Date0. So, avoid "letting it slide."

however, we are still HUMAN and may dress like schlump to race to the grocers.

I won't send in the style and dating police for that one.

this time... ;)

All the best,

April Braswell

Online Dating Coach, Romantic Relationship Coach, Romance Coaching

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Viola said...

I still remember going to the shops having 'let it slide' and meeting a City Councillor who was a friend's mother. She was done up to the nines - extremely well-groomed with lots of makeup on! I felt terrible! Of course, I've done it since then but it's not a good idea. Reminds me of how Chanel remarked that you should dress well even to go to the letter-box because you might meet your fate!