Monday, April 6, 2009

Wrapping Up

Greetings once again!

It's been such a long time since I've attended to this blog - thank you all so much for your kind attention and sweet words.

Much has been going on in my life since December. Although it's been an amazing experience building up my website and this blog, it's become increasingly apparent that the direction that part of my life was taking me was not the direction I was wanting to go.

I was also beginning to feel pretty tapped out of things to write about. Wardrobe planning is a really simple process once you boil it down, and I didn't want to scramble for filler and fluff just to maintain everyone's interest and attention. And my specialty really is the wardrobe planning end of things...not the fashion side.

After thinking about it for a good long time, I finally decided to officially put the wardrobe business to least for the time being. I've taken down my website (eek!) but saved all the content with the intent of publishing down the road.

I really cannot express how wonderful it was to hear from so many of you that were helped by what I wrote. I hope that the idea of a Very Small Closet continues to inspire you! And who knows...down the road I may decide to resuscitate TVSC again with new vim and vigor. :-)

A while back now, I wrote about finding a color and image consultant with some astonishingly different ideas than the currently reigning seasonal approach to color. I was very impressed with her services...not to mention amazed to find out that I have "cool" skin and should be wearing an entirely different palette to maximize what she calls the "Mona Lisa Effect".

So who is she? Her name is Sandy Dumont, and you can check out her services through this link: The Image Architect. She offers an e-book system for fashion advice plus online color and fashion consulting. Perhaps her services will interest you, too!

In closing, it's been very magical connecting with you all. I wish everyone the best! Until our paths cross again....

Many Blessings,
Jennifer Skinner

PS Pat...thank you especially for your concern. You are a dear lady!